A-1 Moving

You pick the location we will do the rest
Call us at (727)​389- 6247 Days & Nights 
Our Trained professionals will provide an onsite estimate with a floor plan of your new home. We measure that your personal items fir perfectly. The day before your move our package services will arrive to pack everything you need for your new home. The day of the move your furniture will be arrange to your liking, your boxes will be unpacked and all your items will put away. All TV’s, computers and other electronics will be set up properly and your clothes will be hung in closets. The pictures will be hung to where you want them. All cold foods will be placed in a cooler and arranged in your new refrigerator/freezer. If you need transportation to your new home we provide it. We provide complete home clean outs and estates sales so your home is ready for resale. Upon arriving to your new home, it will be completely set up to relax and enjoy. 
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